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Our Olympiad is open to both Russian and English speakers. We follow the fundamental principles of olympic movement - openness, impartiality and transparency while conducting the Olympiads.


The tasks of the Olympiad are set according to the Group year’s expectations. However, most of the tasks will require some intellectual flexibility and ingenuity.    


Each completed task scores 10 points. However, we are more interested in your solutions rather than the answers. We take into account your reasonings and why you came up with such solutions. We welcome comments, drawings and pictures you might want to include in your work if  they are deemed necessary. The participants can get points for interesting, unconventional solution even if the task is unsolved.


Please see the procedure of the Olympiad: 


  • Please choose your age group:

  • L - school years 2-3

  • A - school years 4-5

  • B - school years 6-7

  • C - school years 8-9

  • D - school years 10-11

  • Fill the registration form to participate. 

  • The number of participants is unlimited.

  • Participation in the Olympiad is free of charge. You become a registered participant if you fill in the form.

​      ​

  • From 23 March 2020, please choose and download the task in either Russian or English. 

  • Print all the tasks. Write your full name on each page.

  • Use these pages for your answers.

  • Take a photo of each page and insert them in one WORD file or scan the pages in one  .pdf  file. Please attach your file in the e-mail and send to:

  • We can only accept .doc, .docx, .pdf files;

  • Please write your group name and your Surname  in the Subject of the e-mail;

  • The deadline is 19 April  2020.



  • Every  problem  will score 10 points. Each unsuccessful attempt to find the solution will  not deduct  your scores. After three unsuccessful attempts the problem  will be marked as 0 and any following attempts to solve this problem  will not be accepted.

  • The results of will be announced within 14 days following the completion of the rounds.


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