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Correct answer with full explanation - full (maximum) points awarded.

Incorrect answer, but with solution that is completed almost correctly (including when correct chain of thought is evident) - evaluated based on the solution provided and discretional points may be awarded.

Correct answer, but no explanation or evident chain of thoughts provided - approx HALF of the points. Exception - when the answer is a solution (eg splitting a shape into correct pieces).

Ideas, which are relevant to the solution, however no full final answer is provided or incorrect answer is provided: additional discretional points awarded.

If the task was not fully or correctly understood, and resulted in the incorrect answer: no penalty points given.

Solution of the task, which results in a much easier task: not counted, points awarded discretionally based on the ideas provided.




The Jury scores and awards points for all of the completed papers. Completed papers  are not to be returned to the participants  or parents, the score awarded is final and no detailed explanations of the scores are to be provided.


The correct solutions for all tasks  will be published on this website shortly after the each round of the Olympiad.

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