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The PRESTIGE Education Center is a unique platform for math, invention and programming. We created this center to help every teenager to be competent and self-confident. We offer a multi-level mathematical education: independent courses in mathematics, programming, solving inventive problems, as well as supporting the school curriculum and helping children prepare for the exams.
We use the best methods of Russian pedagogical tradition and British education.
The classes in our center are conducted by highly qualified specialists with a wide experience of work, creative and loving children.
All children are talented, we know this, and we know how to develop and consolidate these talents.



All our courses are aimed at achieving the main goal - to develop the mathematical abilities of students, to form their mathematical thinking.

  • In the lessons of developing mathematics, your child will learn to understand the conditions of complex problems, think outside the box and seek solutions, solve logical, combinatorial problems, while enjoying the learning process.

  • In programming classes, children learn how to create interactive games, animations, and much more.

  • In the robotics classes, the guys program robots in real time, learn how to manage both virtual models and real objects.

  • In the invention lessons  children "discover" for themselves the laws of nature and their applications. They learn to apply analogies, establish functional links, explain changes in objects and their properties in time and space.

In addition to the usual group classes, we hold mathematical conferences, olympiads and mathematical holidays.


Please do not hesitate to contact us  if you have any questions.

+44 7900550581

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